two levels exhibitions

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Level one: art 

Level two: culture 

Artists combine these two levels to remind us of our social, ecological, and political obligations to the planet.


Founded in 2010 by international curator and art consultant Clay De Paula, 2 levels exhibitions works with art practitioners whose cultural backgrounds hail from homelands across six continents. Experts who design and execute art exhibitions & art festivals worldwide. The company has organized art exhibitions in Sydney, New York, Qatar and Quito and significant festivals in Sydney & New York.  

Motivated by two zones of interest spanning, firstly, cross-cultural narratives and secondly, art and environmental sustainability: We promote and support local and international artists, who are invited to reflect on various societies, traditions, and cultural axis. By employing this approach, we seek to incorporate art as a channel to empower individuals and communities while seeking to incentivize leaders to focus on ecologically sustainable values across collective, economic, and political spheres.

Moreover, art has proven to contribute to the development and enhancement of one's status, public prominence and knowledge. As a result, we work closely with corporations and organizations which value art in terms of business and the promotion of their goals and/or products. Therefore, 2 levels exhibitions offer a wide range of branding opportunities and special events that enhance corporate identity. In order to achieve this, sponsorship is tailored and designed to offer opportunities that address each of our partners’ marketing goals and brand exposure.

In addition, we have access to professional advisers who can assist you in relation to tax effective sponsorship.