Clay De Paula – Director & Curator

Two Levels Exhibition’s Director and Art Curator, Clay De Paula, recalls having first been introduced to the work of the French Impressionist artist, Pierre Auguste Renoir, at the age of five. The world of art became, thereafter, something Paula lived and breathed while growing up. Paula holds a Master of Arts Degree in Art History and Theory from the University of Sydney. His lifelong love of art has enabled him to connect with the art world by studying and researching works of art, meeting artists, and visiting galleries and international art fairs, in order to keep up with latest curatorial trends worldwide. Clay has recently completed a series of projects, both within Australia, and internationally. One such recent project was Confluencias ( which presented the work of twenty eight artists from Australia, Latin America and the Unites States, was held at the Museum of Freemasonry (MoF) in Sydney, NSW: This groundbreaking exhibition was opened by Her Excellency Professor Marie R. Bashir AC CVO, Governor of NSW. The occasion of the Grand Opening Ceremony marked the 125th Anniversary of Freemasonry in Sydney and the ACT. Further ongoing projects, curated by Paula and Two Levels Exhibitions include, The Rio Project currently being shown internationally; an exhibition of Australian Aboriginal Art in Brazil; plus series of solo exhibitions, both in Australia, and across Australasia.  

Sydney, Australia: Helen Simons – Independent Curator

Symons completed a Master of Art Curatorship at the University of Sydney; studied Marketing at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology; fine art and art history at Deakin University, and holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Western Sydney. At the Geelong Gallery Symons assisted as a researcher and with the development of training programs for both adults and children: including projects in partnership with the National Gallery of Victoria. At the National Wool Museum in Geelong, Symons worked in curatorial management, and on designs for, and the production of decorative exhibition panels. Symons assisted as art writer to the project Rio in Bondi; she edited the book Galapagos Surreal on the photographic work of Fernando Espinosa Chauvin: due to be reprinted in a second edition Galapagos Surreal has been published in both English and Spanish. Symons co-curated the exhibition Confluencias: Australian and Latin American Art. She is currently working on an exhibition of Aboriginal art to be held in Brazil in conjunction with 2 Levels Exhibitions. Other roles in her career include production management in the film industry, and exhibition design. 

Sydney, Australia: Andre Fettermann – Director Avocado Communications

Fettermann has over 20 years of experience in advertising, graffic design and website development. He is also an active member and presenter at Joomla Day Conferences. Since 2004 he directs Avocado Communications with the philosophy that carefully crafted and beautiful design can change business and principally make it profitable. To do so, the company combines awesome breadth of knowledge with a real ability to communicate ideas in effective, creative and impressionistic manners. Based in Sydney, Avocado Communications has created plentiful graphic design and web projects and since 2010 the company works with 2 levels and artists designing exhibitions locally and internationally.

Sydney, Australia: Gary Mares – Director Gary D. Mares & Associates

Gary D. Mares is the director of Gary D. Mares & Associates, a firm specialized in tax accounting and advisory.  Over 20 years working in the field, of these 16 were spent working for KPM, Mares worked in senior executive positions with the Lend Lease Group and the Hagemeyer-Tech Pacific Groups. Since 2002, Gary D. Mares has serve clients in Australia, Spain, Great Britain, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Singapore, Hong Kong and Brazil. Gary D. Mares is an art collector and patron for the arts and since 2010 the director has remarkably supported and advised  2 levels exhibitions.

Brasilia, Brazil: Eli Braga - Artist & Cultural Producer

Eli Braga is a visual artist specialized in Fine Art and Drawing at (COFA) by The University of New South Wales. Braga lived in Australia for over 20 years where he exhibited his works, mostly drawings, extensively. The artist is well-known due to his productions for the Studio Walt Disney Animation Australia in Sydney which includes animated films for television, video, DVD and cinema such as The Lion King 2 and 3 Goofy movie, among another several productions. Currently Braga lectures at the department of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture at the University of Arts Dulcina de Moraes in Brasilia, Brazil. He is working with 2 levels on planning and designing exhibitions for a series of shows in Brazil during the World Cup in 2014.