Uluru International Festival - SÃO PAULO - 2014


  1. Renaissance Hotel São Paulo 
  2. 1 - 28 September - 2014

Alameda Santos, 2233 - São Paulo - São Paulo 


Welcome to the Uluru International Festival! Uluru is a distinctive monolith, also knownas Ayers Rock, in Central Australia and is considered sacred and magical by Aboriginal people. Hence the name of this project. The Uluru International Festival transforms the Renaissance Hotel São Paulo, this unique space in the heart of the city, into an enchanting museum experience: an intercultural celebration. Aboriginal contemporary painting from the Australian Desert, fine dining, classical music, book launch, and public talks, afford the visitor an immersive and innovative cross-cultural experience. 


The Art of Football - Sydney, Australia 2014

  • 20 June - through July 2014
  • 140, George Street, Shop 2.05 - The Rocks, Sydney Harbour (Adjoined to MCA)
  • Wed to Thu - 10 am to 5 pm


The Art of Football: the Beauty, the Social, the Political presents works by Australian and International artists on matters of importance to them, considered within the context of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. It highlights the ways in which this powerfully influential sport has the capacity to unite, and inspire, both communities and individuals. The artworks are insightful and reassuring aesthetic statements, which enable and encourage the viewer to contemplate various aspects of the football’s legacy.



22-24 DECEMBER 2013
Banco do Brasil, Concept Branch New York, Bryant Park 
11 West 42nd Street - New York (Between 5th and 6th Avenues) 

Following its recent success in Sydney, Australia, the Reinvention Festival - The Global Forum of Brazilian & Internacional art -  is to be held in New York, at the Banco do Brasil Concept Branch. This unique space in the heart of Manhattan will be transformed into an enchanting museum experience: wherein the arts come together in celebration of intercultural narratives offering new paradigms to conventional approaches to museum display. Photography, conceptual art installations, paintings, creative design, music, poetry, theater, film screenings, projections, book launch, public talks, live music and gastronomy share the space and time, to afford the visitor an immersive cross-cultural experience this festive season.


Dulce Schunck at the Parliament House - Sydney (September 2013)

Dulce Schunck presents her body of work at the Parliament House, Sydney, New South Wales. The artist was invited to represent Brazil, through her art, during the event organised by the Parliament to celebrate its friendship with representatives of the Brazilian community in Australia.


REINVENTION – The Exhibition - Bah-BQ, CROWS NEST, SYDNEY (August 2013)

To reinvent is to change something so much that it appears to take on an entirely new form. It appears to become something new. Something otherwise, is created or designed. It changes and is enabled to develop, grow or materialize. The artists in this exhibition embrace the powerful process of change, as suggested by reinvention.


Confluencias - Australian & Latin American Art - MUSEUM OF FREEMASONRY, SYDNEY (March 2013)

Confluencias - Australian & Latin American Art is a groundbreaking exhibition which presents at the MOF – Sydney, Australia, contemporary and fine-art artworks contrasting and highlighting the Museum's permanent collection.

Curated by Clay Paula & Helen Symons


GALÁPAGOS SURREAL - Center of Contemporary Art, Quito, Ecuador (September 2012)

Galápagos Surreal presented over 60 photographic works by international artist Fernando Espinosa Chauvín for Ecuadorian audiences. These photographic works have been shown previously in Sydney, Canberra and Seul.


Rio in Bondi - Bondi Pavilion, Bondi Beach (February 2012)

Rio in Bondi by Emmanuelle Bernard presented a selection of the works shown in the artist’s book titled Carioca. The photographic works captures the splendour and tenderness of Rio de Janeiro. Bernard seeks not to show the physical aspects of place as post-card cliché, but as a visual meditation on the Rio de Janeiro.


GALÁPAGOS - CUSTOM'S HOUSE, Sydney (March 2011)

Galapagos by Fernando Espinosa Chauvin at the Custom's House iconic building, the first venue of the touring exhibition, was organized in conjunction with two levels exhibitions. The show brought over 50 photographs taken in a series of shots in the Galapagos Island, an archipelago that is part of Ecuador.