Confluencias - Australian & Latin American Art - MUSEUM OF FREEMASONRY, SYDNEY (March 2013)

Confluencias - Australian & Latin American Art is a groundbreaking exhibition which presents at the MOF – Sydney, Australia, contemporary and fine-art artworks contrasting and highlighting the Museum's permanent collection.

Curated by Clay Paula & Helen Symons

Kath Fries ItinerantKath Fries, Netting and Feather 2013 ©
Installation. Courtesy of the artist. great river would reach the ocean without being fed by tributaries: the brooks, the streams and the rivulets that join its flow... by the time the great river has reached the ocean, the source is no more than a faint memory; the flow has been defined by a series of confluences along the way. (Hoscote & Trojanow, 2012)

Confluencias: Australian & Latin American Art, (Confluencias) explores the theme of social confluence and migration. Works by the artists serve to highlight issues of identity, such as the sense of loss, belonging and the acquiescence of local and intercontinental culture in today's process of international integration.

The exhibition is a collection of work by 28 contemporary artists: Latin American artists who have lived or worked in Australia and Australian artists who have lived or worked in Latin America. It is intended that the exhibition encourage and facilitate an ongoing discourse between the artists, and their international communities.

Reinaldo ValeraReinaldo Valera, What are you looking at? Oil on Canvas, 2003. Picture by Craig Cranko.The imposing and enduring tradition of Freemasonry has transcended national boundaries over the centuries. Sydney's Museum of Freemasonry (MoF) presents: on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of Freemasonry in Sydney and the ACT, this exciting exhibition of contemporary art Confluencias.

Within this extraordinary collection viewer can unearth and discover a wealth of cultural artifacts, magnificent works of art and historical documents that comprise this in this wonderful collection. The aprons, for example, catalogue the history of Freemasonry contained within their symbolic iconography, is a rich visual language that records events that date back for hundreds of years.

The exhibition see thought-provoking contemporary conceptual works of art set within the museum's fascinating and beautiful displays. Within this mysterious environment, a dialogue is constructed, whereby the drama of the contemporary blends with, and is at the same time set against the garish, the quirky, and the kitsch in order to generate a visual dialogue, a kind of symbiosis intended to provide insights, confluencias (confluences) created through a merging of dialogues: a language of difference and of commonality both experienced in terms of the other. It is intended that both art groups will benefit in many ways as they merge and flow together. The contemporary works of art represent both Australian and Latin American artists.

The curators have attempted to draw from the historical and symbolic data, themes which speak of a continuity of cultural confluence: Themes valued within the conceptual art movement today, and held in common with artists and architects from the past.

The show includes new photography, video, sight-installation, paintings and other mediums, works specially commissioned for the exhibition and on public display for the first time.

The General Consulates of Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay supported Confluencias.

Confluencias presents works by Craig Ruddy (Australia); Maria Fernanda Cardoso (Colombian-born, Sydney based); Queenie Lion Kemarre (Born Utopia Region, N. E.Of Alice Springs, Australia (1920-2009)); Raquel Nava (Brazil); Emmanuelle Bernard(French-born, Brazilian based); Fernando Espinosa Chauvin (Ecuadorian-born, US based); Dulce Schunck (Brazil); Javier Baez (Mexican-born, Sydney based); WilliamYang (Australia); Leonardo Cremonese (Brazilian-born, Sydney based); CleideTeixeira (Brazilian-born, Perth based); Kath Fries (Australia); Tina Salama(Australia); Rodrigo Munoz (Australia); Christine Drummond (Brazil); Sylvia Restrepo Botero (Colombia); Carmel Louise (Australia); Maria Guerra (Peruvian-born, Sydney based); Eli Braga (Brazil); Robyn Beeche (Australian-born, Vrindavan (India) based); Christopher Newman (Australia); Carmen Novoa (Uruguayan-born, Melbourne based); Jorge Portillo (El-Salvadorian-born, Melbourne based); Mauricio De la Rocha (Peruvian- born, Sydney based); Lariane Fonseca (Australian); Fernando do Campo (Argentinean- born, Hobart based); and Reinaldo Valera (Cuba).

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