Uluru International Festival - SÃO PAULO - 2014


  1. Renaissance Hotel São Paulo 
  2. 1 - 28 September - 2014

Alameda Santos, 2233 - São Paulo - São Paulo 


Welcome to the Uluru International Festival! Uluru is a distinctive monolith, also knownas Ayers Rock, in Central Australia and is considered sacred and magical by Aboriginal people. Hence the name of this project. The Uluru International Festival transforms the Renaissance Hotel São Paulo, this unique space in the heart of the city, into an enchanting museum experience: an intercultural celebration. Aboriginal contemporary painting from the Australian Desert, fine dining, classical music, book launch, and public talks, afford the visitor an immersive and innovative cross-cultural experience. 


GASTRONOMIC FESTIVAL - 1, 2, 3, 5 e 6 September 

International Australian Chef Grant Croft will take diners to the Australian desert. Guest and visitors will be welcomed by sights, sounds, smells and flavours typical of the outback. Fine Australian wine will accompany the experience while dishes offer a response to the works of art displayed in the exhibition Heroic Narrative. This is an event not to be missed! - Terraço Jardins Restaurant - (1-7 September)

ART AFTER HOURS: Every Wed. throughout September:  6pm - 9pm

Musicians will respond to Aboriginal works of Art.

WINE TASTING WITH ART - Througout September 

Experience Australian wine harmonized with Aboriginal Art. 

ART EXHIBITION: 5-28 September

Open to the public: 9am-17pm -Daily  

Heroic Narrative is a groundbraking exhibition, the core attraction of the Uluru international Festival, created and curated specially to Brazilian audiences. Organized by 2 levels exhibitions in conjunction with Coo-ee Art Gallery in Sydney, managed by Adrian Newstead, one of the most respected Aboriginal Art connoisseur in Australia. The initiative was created to raise awaraness of Australian Art & Culture, and also to promote Aboriginal Art in Latin America. 

The exhibition will present a selection of some of the finest works of Aboriginal Art being produced within Australia today. Works that set out to project the beauty and the power of the natural habitat, they are inspired by, and drawn from the landscapes of the artists homelands in the far flung and remote desert regions of Australia. These traditional homeland regions are where the participating Indigenous Australian artists, live and work.

7071Minnie Pwerle, Awelye Athwengerrp, 2005, acrylic on line, courtesy of Coo-ee GalleryThe exhibition seeks to communicate and inspire the visitor, cultivating and instilling an appreciation of an increasingly emerging narrative that resonates within contemporary Australia today. A narrative which is both current, and heroic, in determination and content. The exhibition seeks to share, with the gallery goer, the sense of urgency and seriousness with which the Indigenous Australian artists, approach and value the natural world.

10784-webWalangkura Napanangka, Untitled, Acrylic on Canvas, courtesy of Coo-ee GalleryCurrent Aboriginal art practice, brings to the fore a vision of the world, through its acknowledgement of the significance of place. A vision which recognises the infinite beauty and diversity to be found in the world around us. Instead of alluding to the tragic historical narrative of suffering and courage, these beautiful works of art, with their poetic aesthetic, come together in the exhibition Heroic Narrative to provide an opportunity for the visitor, to meditate on the, somewhat larger, human cycles of shelter, myth, stories, and the dreaming (alcheringa) as it manifests in the natural world. Alcheringa is celebrated by Indigenous Australians through ceremonial rituals, including painting.

The event is supported by Qantas airlines, Renaissance Hotel São Paulo, Latino-Australia Education, Monash University, Ruby Wine-Bremerton Wines and Kangaroo Tours Brazil.The Uluru International Festival is organized by 2 levels exhibitions and Coo-ee Art Gallery - The oldest Gallery of Aboriginal Art in Australia.